Release 1 Launches on Stargaze

So excited that our initial 412 x NFT collection has now been released on Stargaze. Consider them for your profile.

Here’s the launchpad, where, until they run out, you can mint your own unique NFT –

Launching at $STARS 50 minting costs on the Launchpad, and some are already available on the Stargaze Grumpy Grans Marketplace. They won’t stay this low for long.

Lots of variety with body shapes and sizes, clothing, hairstyles and colours. Each is drawn over one of our interesting backgrounds.

No need to be a gran or grandad to enjoy these as your profile picture.

Rarity – Spot the COSMOS symbol on some skies. Occasionally, Gran will be using headphones or dressed up with a hat. They still haven’t learnt, though; some haven’t dropped the smoking habit. Whatever their bent, they are always loveable.