NFT Collections – on Stargaze

We’re not always Grans’; We’re not always Grumpy!

Release 1 – Sold Out!;
Release 2 – Launched 28th November 2022

These two releases together comprise 10,411 unique images, 412 in the first release and 9,999 in the second.

The Grumpy Grans Galore released on Stargaze Monday, 28th November 2022. More backgrounds, more body shapes, and more accessories to complement the recent initial release; Same low minting price of 50 $STARs, now with fewer restrictions on the mint quantity per wallet.

Check them out now on the Launchpad. And on the Marketplace.

Checkerboard gallery of Grumpy Grans Galore.

Above are some of the first release Grumpy Grannies. All of the love, all of the attitude.

Generative NFTs with a little attitude.

Initially released on Stargaze as a Generative NFT Collection. Look forward to additional NFT functions.

Ideal for profile pictures (PFPs).

Launching November 2022

Initial drop for Christmas

No watering is needed.

The Folk behind Grumpy Grans

Artist – Tally The Token

Creative Studios – ItchyStudios

Promotion – Blockchain Badger

Programming and Technology – Matthew Hargreaves

Where to trade? – Stargaze Marketplace